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Johnny Mack

Michael's work is beyond great it is AMAZING! Michael is a pleasure to work with, always answering my questions , accommodating and attentive to my needs. I highly recommend Michael's services. If you want a site that is dynamic, Michael is the man for the job.


Rob Hight

Working with michael was great! I was surprised that anyone would do anything for free. Not only did I get a free website, but I got it made how I wanted it. I am very happy with my website and have already recommended it to a friend. If you are want a website, I HIGHLY recommend having Michael do it for you. He has also provided me with knowledge as to how the internet works and how I can use it to advertise a successful business.
Thanks Michael!! Your The MAN!!!!!


I don’t want to come off as being cliche, but I was blown away with the fact that anyone would create me a free website. However, this is exactly what Micheal has done for me and will do for others. Micheal is a business man at his best as he understands how to strategic to market himself and others equally. Internet marketing is one of the biggest markets in the world and I highly recommend Micheal as being a great resource to get started.
Thanks, Mike


I needed help with a web site, so I could get more fans for my music and web sites cost too much, but mike gave it away, so I could reach my fans and sell my music. This is a win win, so thanks mike, any body sure would like to make a site from you. If you like hip-pop, take a listing to big c-dub music. I’m looking forward to my fans, so please email me at Visit my website to listen to my demo songs, okay thanks mike again. I got someone else I know that needs help creating a site.

Joyce Patterson

About Michael I have dubbed him; “Job” and “Sir Michael, the Great!”… he has the patience of “Job” (from the Bible story) and Michael is “Great” at his job. Now about me… I’m about as ‘Computer Illiterate’ as they come ): so I would be a challenge for the most educated Developer to ever come down the pike,(: but Michael used his knowledge of the Web to teach me what to do, and no one could have taught me better. I never knew how complex it could be – and I especially thought that I could never do it – but the time that Michael took from his busy schedule to help me set up my Website, not only proved his amazing patience but also proved him to be an amazing teacher as well. He is very dedicated to his clients and determined to satisfy them .(: It was a very gratifying experience for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased, So in closing I make this statement; “If anyone is looking for a great, edcuated, and professional Website Developer; I highly recommend Michael Colver, because if Michael could do this for me… he can do it for anyone! He has an amazing talent to create and make a website that fits your specific needs. I gave him a free hand to design and create mine and he did an awesome job… his work and loyalty is priceless… and so is this Website.

Todd Dinchak

Working with Michael was a delight. He is very good at taking my vision that was originally written in words and creating a website to fulfill my request. Even when he ran into new things that I requested, he was able to research things and get back with me in an extremely quick manner. The website itself is thorough, professional looking and functions exactly the way that I had expected. I am very happy with his work and have already referred a few other people in his direction to be sure he gets referral business from me. Thanks Michael,great job!!


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