1. Do you give any refunds?


There are no refunds. If you have an issue with your website, blog or native/web app for Android, I will do my best to help you. I have a lot of examples on this homepage, which will show you what a website will do and you can even visit my clients sites. You can view my web apps too and see what they look like on your iphone, Windows or Android phones.

2. How much does your service cost to create a website or blog?

Answer: It is FREE, but if you want additional pages it cost $15.00 for each. This means, for every button link, there is a page link to it, which cost money. If in the future you need updates to your site, I will more then happy to update your site. Remember, if I update images, content, video's etc. on your homepage it is FREE. If I update the smallest thing on your additional pages there is a fee of $15.00 per page.

3. Is your website really FREE?

Answer: The website service is FREE, if you just want a "Homepage." Click here to view examples of Free and Paid websites.

4. What is a "Homepage?"


A Homepage is your first page of your site. For an example, you could talk about yourself and your business. You could have pictures music and some animation moving on screen. It's whatever you want to advertise for your business. Since you are getting a free hosting site, you only get so much space on their hosting site server. Your video's needs to be small and if you have too many large images then they will have to be jpg. images over png., so your website will not be slow coming up online. Hint: if you use Youtube video's, I can embed them into your website and your site should not be slow and save space in the process.

5. What do I need to do to get my FREE website?


*I need information about yourself and your business or personal use.

*I need a name for your website.

* I need pictures in which they are not copyrighted.

* If you take the pictures with a digital camera, be sure your picture quality is set medium to high. You want to have good quality pictures in large scale.

* Go online and research a idea of what kind of website layout you like. Please send me the link for the site when you send me an email. Also, if you want pages added to your website, I need to know what your buttons will be called and look like. The extra pages will cost $15.00 each.

* Once your website is complete. Please visit MC Blog and go to "Need a FREE Website /Clients tab" and post good feedback.

* If you want to sell your work online, you must sign up with paypal. Click on the paypal button on my homepage, to see instructions on how to sell your work.

* Since your homepage is FREE, I will be adding my link to your website at the bottom to advertise my services. The link will read, "Need a Free Website for your business or personal use? Visit mcfreewebsite.50webs.com for details." This link would also apply for your blog too.

6. Will I have to pay for advertising or hosting?


You will not have to pay for advertising or hosting. It's FREE unless you want to pay for a hosting site, in which you will have more space to put video's, large images and no ads. Advertising is free but, if you want to be found better and faster on the web, I would sign up with googleadword, googleplaces, yellowpage.

7. Do you have any experience in Web Design?


Yes. I'm currently taking classes at a community college, and later receiving a degree. I've been creating website for about five years. Click "My Clients" and read the comments they wrote about my service to them. You can also view their websites I created.

8. Why do I charge for meetings?


I charge for meetings because of travel and my time. The fee will remain the same, does not matter how close or far away you are.

9. What do you mean exact change for meetings?


I will need exact change, because I will not be bring cash with me, to make change for you. If you don't have the exact change, then we will not have a meeting.

10. Can we meet any other way?


Yes, If you have a web cam, then you can download the program "Skype." This program will allow us to see one another and talk about the website, blog, native/web app. If we do this then I will not charge you for the meeting, because I did not drive to your location.

11. How do you use Skype?

Answer: This program is new to me too. I will email you what I know and hopefully we can setup both of our Skypes together, so we don't have to meet in person.

12. Do we have to meet or get on Skype in order to get our website done?


No, I would like to email or even call, before we even have to meet in person. I feel there is no need to meet. I feel if you can just follow my instructions on my homepage then you will do just fine. If you have questions, just email or call me. If you are still not understanding something, then we will take the next step. I would say, Skype first and if not, then we will have to meet in person.

13. What do I need to do to sell my products with PayPal?


You must sign up and follow the directions to create a PayPal account. I know PayPal will ask for your checking account number. PayPal will send you two small deposits into your checking account, then you must confirm those deposits in your PayPal account. This needs to happen, so you will know your customer's money will be deposited to your account.

14. Do you charge for setting up PayPal?


I do not charge to paste in your code for your PayPal items. Remember, you must do the setup part on your own. I have giving you directions on my homepage to help you sell you products using PayPal. I only ask for you to give me the code information, so I can paste it into your website. This is needed, so that your product buttons will show on your website, and people will be able to enter in their credit card numbers, so you can sell your products.

15. Will you use any other program like PayPal?


No, I'm not sure what other programs online you can use to sell your products. I only know about PayPal. PayPal is a well known place to sell your products and it is safe.

16. Will I get an invoice if I have to pay for additional pages?


Yes, be sure to pay me after the site is complete not before. I will then email you a invoice, stating you have paid for your additional pages.

17. Why do I need a Blog and do you charge for one?


You may need a Blog if you want to promote even more on the web. If you have events every week, you would need to update on your blog, to let your customer know what is currently going on. You can also add pictures, information and redirect people to your website. I will not charge you for setting up a Wordpress blog. Remember this is just like a website. The homepage of the blog is FREE. I will add in your content, pictures, etc for FREE. If you want additional pages to your blog, yes there is a charge of $15.00. If you want a FREE hosting site, but don't like the ads popin up get a FREE Wordpress blog.

18. Why would I need a native/web app, and what is the difference between native app and web App?


It would be nice to have a mobile web app, so you can promote more. Everyone now days are on the go, and searching on the internet or downloading apps to their phone. People want to view their sites on their phone. It's easier and it's faster. I can put your app in the Android Market by creating a native app template, which is a directory screen with a button, and when pressed your native app will turn into a web App online. Now, native apps you can download from the Android Market to your phone. Web apps you access them online by typing in the URL address or in this case a native app with a button link to your web app.

19. What about links to other websites, is there a charge?


No, there is no charge in linking up other websites. You will only get charged if you link up your other pages that I create for you. If you want to have a link from your website to your blog, there is no charge or other websites.

20. How long have you been doing business?


I have been in business for four years. I have been in school learning web design for four years.

21. How is your grammar and punctuation?


I'm not the greatest with grammar and punctuation. I try to find my mistakes using the internet as a guide. I do try to look over your content, to see if there is any grammar or punctuation issues, before your website goes public. If you send me content for your website, please check your grammar and punctuation. This will help me, you and save time.

22. If in the future, I need to change my content, pictures or video's, do you charge for that?


If you have content, pictures, etc. that need to be change on the "Homepage" I will not charge you. If you have any additional pages then, yes there will be a charge of $15.00.

23. What is a favicon?


A favicon, short for "favorites icon," is a small graphic you can associate with your
website for displaying in a browser. The favicon on the homepage is 32x32. The true size of the icon is 16x16.

24. What is the difference between Free hosting vs. Paid hosting?


Web presence is essential to all businesses. To establish a web presence, you'll need a website, and for it to go and stay online it needs a reliable web hosting service.

So what is reliable? Does "paid hosting" means better, more reliable service?

Not necessarily true.

A lot of times, free web hosting and paid hosting offers the same security, network bandwidth and port speed. The only difference is the hosting features included. These features include additional disk storage, data transfer, more scripting support, more email accounts, etc.

For a business opening a new website, or for any regular website, the disk storage and data transfer offered by a free web hosting service would be sufficient. It takes time to grow a website and accumulate enough visitors to max out the storage and/or data transfer limits of a free web hosting package. You can always upgrade your service from the free web hosting to paid hosting when the time comes.

Most small businesses do not need more than 5 email accounts. The more accounts you have just means the more time you have to spend managing them. Many free web hosting providers offer email aliases (or email forwarders) that allows you to create the illusion of having many different email addresses but in fact all emails to these aliases are redirected and managed by one account.

Unless you are planning on using applications that require advanced scripting support (ie. a content management system, an e-commerce shopping cart, etc.), your web files will simply be of HTML and image files. HTML and image files do not require advanced scripting support - any free web hosting services will do.

In conclusion, unless your website require the specific features offered by the paid hosting plans, free web hosting services might be all you need and especially if you are aiming to save on money without compromising on the performance. When you get a free hosting site you will not get just a .com address, you will get their hosting name then a .com address. For an example (http://searcharena.comoj.com/). Also, if you have video's such as a Flash animation on your site, it can eat up a lot of space, and some free hosting sites will take your site down if you do not get traffic for a month. You may even get ads they will put on your website to advertise themselves. Note: If you have not notice already, MC FREE Website has ads. This gives you a good idea on how your site will look with ads. If you have any copyrights in your website, the hosting site has the right to take down your website, for their protection. Got information from doteasy.com, wizardofthewebsites.com for more information.

25. How much is Paid hosting?


It can vary in price. I seen hosting as low as $3.00 dollars a month. You can research hostings on your own. You can visit these hosting sites for more information. Visit this site for a list of free hosting areas free-webhosts. If you do decide you want to pay for hosting each month; I will need your username or email address, and password to upload your files for your website to be posted online.

26. What if you are working on a website, and another client wants a website right away?


The other client who wants a website right away would have to wait, until I get done with my first client. I do not have any other stuff members helping me with clients websites. I'm sorry, but they would have to wait until I'm done.

27. How long does it take to finish a website, blog or native/web app?


It will take four weeks to get your website complete. If you want a native/web app or blog, then there is another four weeks added for each. On your website this includes, design mock ups, which I will send you in your email on the progress of your website, blog and or native/web app, pictures, buttons if any and content. Web app will include, design mock ups, images and content. Now, your website, blog or native/web app will only get done in four weeks if I have your layout idea, name for your website, blog or web app, pictures, buttons if any, content for homepage and if any for other pages, and if you want a video, it need an idea too. Sorry, NO COPYRIGHTS if so, this process will take longer in finding pictures that are not copyrighted and will delay your website, blog or web app time. The same applies for other information listed above I need from you in order to create your website, blog or native/web app.

28. What are (*) all about in a form?


The (*) state in a form that you must type in this field, otherwise you can not send the form.

29. Why do I need to post good feedback on your blog site?


The reason you need to post good feedback on my blog site, so I can gain experience and to show to my clients I have what it takes to create a website, blog and native/web app for them.

30. Do you know how to create a database from the ground up?


No. I'm a Web Designer not a coder. If you like updating your site everyday or each week I would highly recommend a blog site, and I can even add in the Google Event Calendar. The Google Event Calender you can update events, dates and times.

31. Will I get traffic if you advertise my website?


You should get traffic on your site. You may not get a lot of traffic, because I'm advertising for FREE on sites that offer FREE Advertising. I would recommend looking around online on places that advertise for a charge, so you can gain more traffic. I would try googleadword, googleplaces, yellowpage, yext and grudd. Now, since you are getting a FREE homepage, I will be adding my mcfreewebsite link on the bottom of your website. This will help me gain new clients and you will get a FREE homepage website.

32. Will there be a place you can advertise for FREE but is popular and my traffic could pickup?


Yes, If you decide you want a native/web app for you website, you can gain more traffic thru the Android Market. Now, I paid for the developers fee, which was $25.00. I can create a splash screen, which is one screen and you will have a button that when press, will send the person to your web app online. I can upload your app to my area on the Android Market. This is a great place for people to see your business and a great deal for you, because the native/web app is only $30.00 for me to create it, you don't have to pay the developers fee.

33. How will my native/web app be setup when you design it, and are they compatible with all phones?


If you want, you can have up to 15 pages for a native/web app. I will need images of how your app icon and splash screen page will look, if you choose to make your native/web app, which will later be put in the Android Market. The first page will have custom design buttons and a background image. You can have a number of transition effects, which move side to side, up and down or a fade to the next screen. Visit Search Arena and My AD Space on your iphone or Android to see what I mean. Iphone and Android are the most popular phones out there. I feel your native/web app should work on Windows, iphone and Android. If anyone has a phone with a screen size 320 x 480 like Windows, iphone or Android they should be able to view your site with no problem. If people have smaller screens sizes like a Black Berry it should work but the site would be hard to see.

34. Need help with spelling, visit Edit Pad.

35. Can I embed Youtube video's into my website?


Yes, but keep in mind your video's may not show up from time to time due to not updating your browser. Go to Adobe.com to download the latest Flash Player or download plug-ins for your browser. Another issue Youtube could pull video's due to violations or from the person who uploaded video. Another issue the browser may have issues with video's not working.
Hint: Contact the browser and complain about issues with video's, so they can fix the problem.

36. I need a native/web app, what do I need to do as far as payment?


I will create your native/web app and send you mock-ups of how your app will look. You can at this point let me know if the design, content, pictures etc. need to change or okay to move forward. The next thing I will do, is upload all your files to a FREE hosting site or one you have paid for, in which I need the user name and password to login on. Next, I will upload your Native splash screen, along with your app icon to the Android Market.
Now, how you pay for this service, please visit my homepage of MC FREE Website and click on native/web app. Remember you will pay me in the end when I am completely done with your native/web app. The next screen will be a PayPal page which is titled native/web app, you are really getting native/web app, unless you do not want your app in the Android Market. I will then need you to place your order for a native/web app. Now, you will have up to 5 days to place an order after your site is on the web, don't worry I will email you the dates in between to pay me. Example: ( June 10th up to 15th, pay before midnight ) or I will have to take down your native/web app, if you have not posted good feedback on my MC Blog site. Once I see you had posted good feedback and paid me I will put your native/web app back online.

37. What is a splash screen for native app?


A splash screen, is one page which is your homepage of your app. This splash screen will have your title, image background, and button link which will be linked up to your web app online.

38. What do I need to do to get extra pages on my FREE Homepage website?


If you decide you want a FREE Homepage now, and want to wait later to update your site with extra pages, in which you will pay for, that's okay with me. I will also send you mock-ups of how your site will look like. You can at this point let me know if the design, content, pictures etc. need to change or okay to move forward. Now, how you pay for this service, please visit my homepage of MC FREE Website and select how many web pages you need and click submit. Remember you will pay me in the end when I am completely done with your website, blog. The next screen will be a PayPal page which is titled Web Site Page. I will then need you to place your order for the web page or pages. Now, you will have up to 5 days to place an order after your site is on the web, don't worry I will email you the dates in between to pay me. Example: ( June 10th up to 15th, pay before midnight ) or I will have to take down your web pages even your homepage, if you have not posted good feedback on my MC Blog site. Once I see you had posted good feedback and paid me if you got extra page or pages I will put your site back online.

39. Can I get a native/web app for Mac users?


I work on a PC computer and I have a Android phone, now your web app should work with your iphone, but as far as the native side I would not be able to do, because I do not have a mac computer nor did I pay the $100.00 developer fee.

40. How will you advertise my site?


I will advertise your website, blog, native/web app one time only, for FREE at Adgridwork, Inetgiant, MC Blog, Frogads, Manta and Android Market if you want a app for your website. I will give you the username and password that I used for Adridwork, Inetgiant, Frogads, and Manta, so that you can renew your ads in the future.The only two sites I will continue to advertise is on my MC Blog, and if you had a native/web app; I will continue to advertise on the Android Market, until the certification expires, which is 35 years.The best places to advertise are googleadword, googleplaces and yellowpage. You must sign up for this yourself, and add your website link to them. It's FREE for a short period of time.

41. If I do not want to go thru PayPal can I pay with check?


Yes, I prefer PayPal, but you can pay by check, but I must wait 10 business for the check to clear the bank. I will give you my address thur email when the time comes to pay me. If the check does not clear the bank, I will have to take down your website until you can pay.

42. What can I do to advertise at a cheap cost, without breaking the bank?


The first step I would take, is to visit Vistaprints, where you can get business cards, car door magnets, calendars, pens, and t-shirts for a cheap cost. If you advertise this way first, you may have a effective way to advertise, without having to pay a lot of money each month for advertising online or even a billboard. Hint: If you do buy business cards, a great way to advertise your business is on FREE advertising boards in grocery stores, laundry mats, and gas stations. You can also hand out your business cards to your friends and neighbors. Buy a car door magnet, and place it on your car while going to work or shopping.